Pulang Kampung III

The Pulang Kampung III Project is about giving Batak villagers in North Sumatra, Indonesia, access to their ancient weaving tradition. We are planning to have the project take place at the end of August/beginning of September 2013.

During the project, ancient Batak textiles and a film about the traditional weaving techniques will be brought to the villages around beautiful Lake Toba: cultural repatriation in the form of a traveling exhibition and theatre. Young Batak people who are keen to learn about their culture will be invited to join the trip. Traditional Batak musicians will grace the journey with acoustic melodies.

The journey will take place by bus and, where possible, by boat. We call the latter the 'culture craft' (Boat Budaya). In the past, the Batak paddled to market in large dugout boats; the largest markets were situated on the shoreline of the lake. Our boat, although it will be in the modern style, will add a touch of nostalgia in addition to bringing us efficiently to the villages around the lake.

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