Sunday, January 31, 2010

California Dreaming

Sometimes life seems to be threaded on coincidence and serendipity. Having been in California last September (2009) to promote Legacy in Cloth, I find myself back there again, less than 4 months later, once again to promote Legacy. The venues this time are the Arts of Pacific Asia Show and the Tribal Arts and Textiles Show in Fort Mason, San Francisco. These shows are set up and co-ordinated by Caskey Lees. Last October , the plan was that I would stay with my old textile colleague and friend, Mary Jane Leland. She asked her friend and former student, Clare Graham to pick me up at the airport. The artistically and logistically talented and textile-loving Clare does the interior design work for the Caskey Lees shows. When he saw my book, he thought it constituted good material for an exhibit at the shows. He submitted a proposal to Caskey Lees and it was accepted. And so, within half an hour of landing in L.A. Airport last September, the seed was planted for for this second trip to California.

The fairs are the largest of their type in the world and Everybody who is Anybody among the buyers and dealers in Asian Art is Always present. My book will appeal to a varied readership and this certainly includes collectors. Using my book, they will be able to document and better understand their holdings. Legacy will become required reading for them all. In other words, there could not be a better venue to promote this book in the Western World.

This is a chance of a lifetime and I am thrilled to be able to participate in these shows, especially in this way. Afterwards, my goal of promoting my book to this particular readership will have been met. Thank you to Clare, Liz Lees, Bill Caskey and Mary Jane.

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