Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sanggar Kreasi Batak

Sanggar Kreasi Batak is an active group keeping Batak traditions alive in the New York area. When I attended the Arts of Pacific Asia Fair in March, two of their members visited me at my stand and subsequently donated a book to the Back to the Villages project. Wita Sitepu-Pagan sent me a photograph and a touching message from the group:

“Sanggar Kreasi Batak really appreciates this opportunity and please also tell the weavers that we are very proud with their ulos. OK boru Hutabarat,  Have a good trip and excellent documentary”

Later, Wita told me about the background that went into their photograph. How wonderful to have had Legacy in cloth used in this way!

"Dear Sandra,

We took time last Sunday to get dressed up and do our best to display all ulos we posses. We took pictures of our activities that day and it turned out to be a very fascinating day. We used your book as a guidance and the source of informations. It became a stimulating conversation.

Take care and salam hangat kembali.
Wita Sitepu-Pagan"

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