Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Filming Rangsa ni Tonun

Schedule in North Sumatra, January 2011

18 – Depart Amsterdam

19 – Arrive Medan; picked up by Pak Jerry in the airport and visited his house; picked up Mas Nashir and visited Irwansyah Harahap and Rithja Hutajulu at their home in Medan; drove to Tabo Cottages on Samosir Island

20 – Drove to Muara, visiting Ompu Okta en route to greet the new grandson; evening planning meeting with Restuala Namora Pakpahan and Goodman Ompusunggu.

21 – filming in Muara of Si Boru Hasagian and the textiles of Raja Ihat Manisia. Attempt to make pipisan. Cotton floating in the water.

22 – filming in Muara – re-take of Si Boru Hasagian and the textiles of Raja Ihat Manisia. Sigira, salaon, and the failure of the pipisan.

23 –Filming of sigira, and the shifting of the warp from the warping beam to the loom. Departure from Muara to Balige. Visit Sebastian Hutabarat and his family.

24 – Filming of the use of the sorha with Ompu Okta in Uluan. Return to Balige in the evening to examine the pipisan with Sebastian Hutabarat. Night at Universitas DEL.

25 – Filming Ompu Okta’s use of the iraniran. Visit to Ompu Okta’s home village. Packed looms for Yogyakarta. Mas Nashir and Pak Jerry return to Medan. I stay behind at Universitas DEL in Laguboti.

26  – Day of writing blogs, washing clothes, recovering from a cold, and gathering my thoughts at Universitas DEL.

27 – Meet Ompu Lambok and receive the textiles that I commissioned from her for Fiber Face 3. Meeting with Nelson

28 – To Balige to fetch pipisan. To Dolok Sanggul and Baakkara with Nelson Lumbantoruan. In the evening to Medan.

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