Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oosterbeek paints the Boat Budaya green

Things are suddenly coming together. An unexpected, generous donation for solar support for the Pulang Kampung journey meant that I could go to Bureau Cambium in Oosterbeek and discuss the options.

Wibo Teerlink showed me the Luminaid. He blew up the little cushion and then turned on the solar lamp. We tossed around how the little cushions would look in the evening - when the musicians are on stage or when Rangsa ni Tonun is being shown in the villages. I have just stuffed ten of these aids in my suitcase.

And then there were the Wakawaka power to power the cell phones and other small gadgets (we will try them out on the second-hand cameras that I bought).

Wibo's neighbours, Dirk and Sineke van Uitert, were the generous donors of the solar aids for the journey. (They had also donated generously to the first Pulang Kamung journey.) I couldn't refrain from knocking on their door after leaving Bureau Cambium to show these supporters what they had provided for the young people on the Pulang Kampung journey. I stacked up the goodies on their kitchen table and then took this photograph.

It will be fun to show the four young people who are joining the journey how solar power works. I will invite them to blog about it. We'll see what comes out. I hope that my kind donors will be pleased. I think that my boundless appreciation for their kindness will be contagious.

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