Friday, July 27, 2018

Tribute to a Loom-maker

Weaving is women's work. This is certain. Weavings are also a community product. This is also certain. It is easy to forget that weaving can't happen unless there are men who make the looms. And this means that there have to be community forests where wood can be fetched. There need to be living, healthy ecosystems, both human and natural.

Here I celebrate a modest and quiet loom-maker, Pak Sandi Damanik. He is self-taught and he does all the right things. He works closely with the weavers in the gentlest, kindest, most non-intrusive way. He is so happy to do it right. He is excited by his cultural heritage and wants to perpetuate it. He has his knowledge from his ancestors and his village. He is a perfect loom-maker.

I feel so lucky that Lasma married this dear man. What would we do without him?

Absolutely imperative to celebrate him!

And thank you to mas MJA Nashir for designing this poster!

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