Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Filmer at Work

In my blog entitled "The Merapi has spoken", I shared with the followers of my blog one of the goals of my journey to Indonesia in November 2010, viz. to produce a film that will premiere during the Fiber Face 3 exhibition 12 - 25 February in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The film is based on the ancient Batak text, Rangsa ni Tonun. This blog is a kind of visual appetizer (that I have already published on Facebook primarily for an Indonesian readership) showing the photographer, MJA Nashir, at work.
Mixing the rice starch.
Starching the warp yarns with the rice starch

Starching the warp yarns
Winding the warp

Weaving (inserting the sword)


Weaving with a pattern shed

Removing pits from the cotton bolls by hand

Adding water to submerge the indigo in the preparation of dye

Mixing the indigo dye

Mixing the indigo dye

The narrator or "the speaker of the ancient text" that is the basis of the film.

Reviewing the take

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