Back to the Villages

Back to the Villages is how I refer to a cherished dream to bring my book, Legacy in Cloth: Batak Textiles of Indonesia to North Sumatra. The project took place in June 2010. Only now, upon the conclusion of this project, do I feel that my book is finally finished!....more

Before, during and after my return with my book to North Sumatra I blogged about the project.  Although all the posts are here on this blog the aim of this page is to pull all the individual posts together and list them as a set of links:

Pulang Kampung Contributed to Textile Revival 

So much goodwill

The best thing


Sanggar Kreasi Batak


Meeting with the Indonesian Heritage Society

Bees Knees



To do list

Last Gasp


Market day in Merek

Other priorities

Didn't pay? It was costing money!


Glimpse of a good future


Piercing the Bubble


The longest day...

"When I'm gone..."

The Muara weavers in the opening photo

For a day...

Student Needs

The Last Day of the Project


Gratifying look


Unexpected Twists


Hutagalung II


Memorable moments with memorable people

A revolutionary act (for academician)


Back to Boru Panjaitan's village

Back to the Villages - the map!

Introducing MJA Nashir 
and his serialised account on Facebook of the journey:
Menyusuri Ulos Batak, berkelana dengan Sandra

and, finally, the donors who believed in the project and sponsored the book gifts