Friday, August 16, 2013

Blessing One: No Future without a Past

I might be sitting in the very last row of this plane that is carrying me to Kuala Lumpur in 11 hours and 40 minutes, but I am counting my many blessings.

The up-coming fashion designer, Olivia Sinaga, wants to be present at the launch of the Boat Budaya. Our theme, ‘Celebration of the Batak Weaving Tradition’, is what she is all about. She has been converted into a staunch supporter of her own culture’s textile heritage.

She contacted me by email while I was sitting in the departure lounge. She wanted to bring me her beautifully crafted shawl inspired by the Batak sibolang textile. Now if this isn’t a blessing…

Olivia visited the villages of Tano Batak to learn about her own textile heritage. Her study inspired her beautiful new creation. I hope to wear it during the launch of Pulang Kampung III and to use it as a dramatic illustration of the axiom: without the past, there is no future.

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