Sunday, October 21, 2012

Travels with Lasma

Lasma learns how batik is made in the studio
of Nia Fliam and Agus Ismoyo
In Mbak Marie's studio watching how beaded necklaces are made.

An evening discussion about textile heritage in the home
of Nia Fliam and Agus Ismoyo, Yogyakarta.
Pak Doyo explains his plans for tourist
development in Pekalongan.

Lasma at Museum Batik in Pekalongan

With Pak Ricsa in the largest sarong producing factory in the world: Gajah Duduk.

With the head librarian in Pekalongan,
talking about how to build the historical archives of the city.

Having a break at the beach.

The Batik Bazar, an annual event
in Pekalongan, was full of surprises.

With her host, MJA Nashir, in front of a Gajah Duduk truck.

And serious concern about preserving textile legacy.

With the grand dame of Indonesian textiles, Judi Achadi
in a plane heading for Lampung.

A first ride on an elephant in Lampung.


Reading the morning paper in our Lampung hotel.

Watching proceedings at the TV station in Pekalongan.

Lasma developed skill with the camera.
Amazement at the beauty of some old Batak textiles.

At Unical, the university dedicated to batik studies in Pekalongan
I explained Lasma's wish to maintain the Simalungun textile tradition.

At the Mayor's office in Pekalongan we discussed a project
to maintain the graveyard that was developed during the Dutch era.

Saying goodbye to Pekalongan
wearing the T-shirt given to her by MJA Nashir.

Walking towards the train after saying a final farewell to friends in Pekalongan.

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  1. I too have been waiting for Lasma to arrive! So pleased to see the photos of her travels. Looks like lots of very varied experiences.